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Ham, Salami and Cheese Board


Cooked & Cured Meats

We have a fantastic range of cold meats from traditional gammon ham through to Italian cured Parma ham. 

Here's a small taster of what we stock.

  • Parma ham

  • Serrano Ham

  • Home cooked beef

  • Gammon ham

  • Smoked pancetta

  • Milano salami

  • Napoli salami

  • Spanish Chorizo

  • Chorizo horseshoe rings

  • Chorizo rosario sausages

  • Spianata romano salami

  • Italian truffle salami

  • German peppered salami

  • Pate forestiere

  • Pate campagne

  • Brussels pate

  • Ardennes pate

If we don't have your desired meat in stock, we're more than happy to source it for you. 

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