Cheese Celebration Cakes

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If you are looking for something different suitable for any special occasion then a Cheese Celebration Cake is perfect. Cheese Celebration Cakes are made with whole cheeses, sometimes called cheese towers, and are great for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and any other parties.

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If you love cheese and you'd like to make a visual statement at your special event, you've come to the right place. Decorate a cheese celebration cake well and it'll be stunning, the centre of attention.

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Cheese celebration cakes are stunning for any special occasion and will certainly impress your guests, adding "wow factor" for relatively low cost.

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Not every cheese is suitable for wedding cheese cakes. The best cheeses are whole cheeses as they are normally round and of even shape. What we try to do is match your requirements so that we can make a tiered cake of between 3 to 5 different layers’ or to have it arranged on a cake stand. We prefer not to cut cheese to make up the cakes but with some cheese this is quite possible i.e. stilton, cheddar or other large round cheeses you can cut wheels from. Every cheese wedding cake is unique as you choose what cheese you require, how many, colours, layers, taste etc. Decorations are not included as most customers like to decorate the cake with fresh flowers or fruit. We also like to include descriptions of the cheese.

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We offer a complete bespoke service and create every cheese celebration cake to suit each event. Prices start from as little as £30 so for more information on cake designs and prices please contact us either via or call 01243 389181.